Adriana Segovia consecrated in Argentina


Adriana receives the Liturgy of the Hours at her Mass of Consecration to a Life of Virginity (photo courtesy of

On Saturday, July 1, teacher Adriana Segovia was consecrated for the Diocese of Lomas de Zamora, Argentina by Bishop Jorge Lugones, SJ. Here is my translation of an article originally published in Spanish on


“May your life respond to your vocation and dignity,” the diocesan bishop, Msgr. Jorge Lugones SJ, told Adriana Catalina Segovia, whom he consecrated in the Order of the Virgins during a solemn Mass celebrated this morning in the Parish of Our Lady of Itatí (Banfield). He exhorted her to “a self-gift with a face.”

“Do you love Me? Lord, you know everything; you know that I love you” (John 21:17) was the motto of consecration chosen by this 37-year-old teacher, who works in a parish school and provides catechesis in the community.

The Mass was concelebrated by the auxiliary bishop, Msgr. Jorge Torres Carbonell; parish priest Fr. Mirko Grbec; parochial vicar Fr. Federico Piserchia; and Frs. Arnaldo Villalba, Marcelo Portillo, Alejandro Silva, and Miguel Blanco, priest of the diocese of Avellaneda-Lanús.

“We celebrate that you have decided your vocation,” said the bishop in his homily, observing the difference between such a commitment and “those who do not decide [their vocation] or leave it for another time.” “You consecrate yourself to enlighten [others], to wait fruitfully for what God proposes for your life. God is my light and my salvation, so that I can be a light for others,” said Msgr. Lugones in the first consecration of this type he has celebrated since becoming bishop.

“Adriana, may your life respond to your vocation and dignity, attentive to God and to the needs of others, because we can not be attentive to God if we do not attend to our neighbor, if we do not take care of the people that the Lord is putting in our path,” he said.

He cautioned her about the mission of the consecrated person: “The consecrated person offers her flesh, not to marry, but to offer herself for the suffering flesh of Christ. It is easy to say to Jesus, ‘I consecrate myself, I love you,’ but to offer oneself for Christ who is suffering, for women in trafficking, who are raped and abused, this makes sense; it is a contradiction, but it is a self-gift with a face. “

The bishop also recalled that “the consecrated person cannot lack joy.” “Do not lose joy. In the face of so many sorrows and sufferings, presence and gestures [of love] can do a great deal.”

“Let us give thanks to God for this visible sign, in a society that is content with the minimum, that has a crowd of young people who do not study or work, and many who are abandoned in the path of life.”

Adriana Segovia was consecrated according to Canon 604 of the Code of Canon Law, which reads: “The order of virgins is also to be added to these forms of consecrated life. Through their pledge to follow Christ more closely, virgins are consecrated to God, mystically espoused to Christ and dedicated to the service of the Church, when the diocesan Bishop consecrates them according to the approved liturgical rite.”

Access the original article (and more photos of the celebration) here.

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